The iPhone 4S has a considerably faster processing capability which helps it to manage the most intense multitasking. The issue of lag is removed with the new iPhone 4S.

It is not too rare for us here to acquire a variety of customers with their iPhone 4S requiring specific repairs. This is positive confirmation of people's trust in the superior quality of our services. The experts in Apple products have been there since the company began so they have all the technical skills to take care of your iPhone 4S.

iMalaysian.comensures that replacement components of iPhone 4S are all nothing less than authentic. All iPhone 4S clients whose units require replacement parts can relax knowing that all components that provides are authentic. No counterfeit components are in existence in the company as we do not have confidence in them to function the same way as real Apple parts would.

All repairs and replacements done include a whopping 90-day warranty which is considerably more than a lot of firms are prepared to supply. If, after sending in for repairs, the gadget continues to give trouble, the warranty gives the customer the choice of sending it back in for a more in depth evaluation or ask for full repayment.

In addition, our firm has the best turnover time of all like organizations in Malaysia. We highly respects its clients. The technical specialists of strives to restore and return the iPhone 4S to their owners within 60 minutes of receiving it.

One of the organization's targets is additionally to have an eco-friendly concept in all that it does. Amongst its green concept approach is a paperless trade. All entries are logged in to our computers and official bills are only e-mail produced and forwarded to all of our clients where they can print it out if they want to.

So the the next occasion you find that your iPhone 4S is in need of fixing, head on down to one of our outlets located at eCurve, Petaling Jaya or at Village Mall, Sungai Petani.Our technical professionals will ensure that your iPhone 4S is given back to you working like new in the fastest time possible.

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