Apple Inc. has yet again made big waves in this world with their new creation, the iPhone 5.People are being enthralled by the unit's beauty, larger-sized panel and swifter processing power.

No electronic gadget, no matter how excellent, is exempt from contracting technical problems and it would be a good idea for owners to find out where to go for fixing. Why not check out the website and find out what we have to provide? You won?t regret it. Let your iPhone 5 be taken care of by our crew of pioneer Apple experts. There is no trouble that our technical professionals cannot take care of and we are confident about that.

You may be glad to know a few details that we have to point out about our replacement components. Only high grade original replacement components are used at Our parts are all fully legitimate as we treasure superiority over number to deliver the best performance after repairing your iPhone 5.

The company has an feature that the majority, if not all clients will not be able to refuse and that is their 90-day after-repair warranty which is 60 days more than what other firms provide. If your iPhone 5's trouble still continues, return it to us for more examination or get a complete repayment from us if we are unable to solve your trouble!

We highly regards all its customers. In contrast to other firms, we are in a position to give you the swiftest turnover time achievable. We will collect your iPhone 5, scrutinize and decide the offender, make needed repairs and hand it back to you mostly in just below an hour. That's right, in 60 minutes or even less.

Our firm also observes environmentally friendly principle. No sort of raw paper is used. All facts are keyed into the company's computer terminal and official statements are e-mailed to clients who can print them out if they need to.

So if you realize that your iPhone 5 is needing repairs, take it down to us either at eCurve, Petaling Jaya or at Village Mall, Sungai Petani where we will take a look at it and assure you a creditable repair.Believe us when we say that your satisfaction is indeed guaranteed!

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